Academic Inquiry Outside Academia

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Academic Inquiry Outside Academia

We provide academic-level work while keeping it approachable for almost anyone. Instead of having papers locked up in academic establishments, reserved for selected individuals, we make them publicly available. We want to create free space for thinkers outside academia with free resources.

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Otium Post Negotium

We believe that what makes the man is what he does at his idle time. Thus, idleness - what the Romans called "otium" - is the source of all intellectual inquiry. We aspire to cultivate the practice of contemplative idleness with you. This is the endeavor that we want to share. This is the journey we take together.

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Support Us

Our goal is to share our knowledge and intellectual achievements with everyone for free. Our efforts take a fair amount of time and energy but it is what we love doing. Nevertheless, if you want to show your appreciation and support our cause, you are more than welcome! We appreciate any help you can provide us.